Business Software as a Service

Business Software as a Service

A Software as a Sevice (SaaS) business application needed to be designed and developed which covers the areas finance, controlling, customer relationship management and project management with an unique visual appearance and excellent user experience.

Extensive user and task analysis through site visits and user interviews. Creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes with iterative evaluation including domain experts in the design process. Doing usability tests with end-users.

Client-server application with self-developed, highly flexible user interface. The application itself behaves like a information system which enables the user to quickly find the data he or she is looking for through a variety of search functions, different ways to filter and the mutual linking of all objects.

Scopevisio Finance is ERP-System of the Year 2010 in the category accounting (conferred by the Center for Enterprise Research at the University of Potsdam, Germany).

Posting JournalReport DashboardFinancial Accounting Install AssistantApplication SwitcherWidgets with Radial MenuEditor for Report Structures